Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22nd, outsourced

Photos of the plastic surgery scene in South Korea.

I haven't watched the documentary yet, but the horrifying story of an ill-fated excursion of schoolchildren to Mt. Hood in the 80s was one I heard a lot during my childhood.

I saw this all over the place and it warmed my heart every time - that photo of a professor holding the fussy baby of one of his students. Awww.

Yet another installment in the our-adjunct-faculty-system-is-broken series of articles. I found this one particularly interesting. [HT Ashi]

Hottest heads of state: young US presidents edition. [HT Liz]

Oh my gosh, I read number one on this list of things that will break any mom's sanity and I totally agreed already. Also: "Clean outfit worn for only 12 minutes and placed in the hamper on actual dirty clothes."

Good books from the last five years. I've read a few of these and agree for the most part. However, I thought The Lifeboat was awful. [HT Kathy]

At Afghan weddings, his side, her side, and 600 strangers. This article will be my new conversation topic with every Afghan I meet from now on. [HT Kristi]

A sportsball player let his toddler daughter join in a press conference. Adorable.

In the morbidly funny category, we have an honest-to-goodness job application to join Al Qaeda. Come for the article; stay for the comments! I laughed so hard I cried. [HT Blair]


Crys said...

Our presidents were actually a group of pretty hot dudes.

Jen and Joe. said...

Young George Washington reminds me a little of Buddy the Elf. Also? That IS a lot of look, Abraham Lincoln.

Liz Johnson said...

The Afghan wedding article was so interesting to me. Apparently the same thing is happening in Botswana, but with funerals. They're expected to be these enormously expensive, decadent family events, and with the HIV crisis, the families are going bankrupt with so many funerals. It's turning into a huge economic crisis over there.

Chester Arthur's hair is so magnificent that I can't come up with words to describe it.

I've read five of the 21 books on that list, and I would recommend all five of them. That's a decent list, but I'll skip "The Lifeboat."

Crys said...

He reminds me of a more stylish Casey Affleck :)

Sarah Cook said...

Steph Curry is only one of Jared's FAVORITE players! And his daughter is adorable. Jared has even 'tried' suggesting the name Curry for our new baby boy. But I told him the kids would think he was named after a spice!

Sherwood family said...

They have wedding laws here in Tajikistan. 300 guests, three courses, and three hours. Some people get around it by having multiple parties. I'm glad I got married in America!


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