Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29th, outsourced

I know it's The Daily Mail, but their use of caps was absolutely justified in this context: "Man who blamed his permanently blocked nose on hay fever sneezes out toy dart which had been stuck there for 44 YEARS."

In the category of "welp, I guess my kids are screwed": delayed umbilical cord clamping may benefit children years later. [HT Andrew]

I could watch this video demonstration of how to make LEGO gummy candies on an endless loop. [HT Andrew]



Nancy said...

I was going to send that link about the dart in the nose to my mom but realized she'd see it here anyway.

Once my sister swallowed a PENCIL. She had to beg my mom to take her to the doctor because my mom didn't believe her. Yet there was the pencil on the x-ray. :) I believe the diagnosis was that it was short enough and dull enough to pass without harm.

Now I'm trying to imagine having something odd stuck inside me for 45 tears...

Sarah Cook said...

oh the redneck avengers! Ha ha ha! The Twilight ones are pretty hilarious too!


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