Friday, May 08, 2015

May 8th, outsourced

From Reddit: the hardest words to pronounce in English. The list is skewed toward second-language speakers of English. Very interesting.

Henna crowns for cancer patients. Lovely. [HT Kathy]

Ken Craig went on the Whole 30 diet and lost "11 lbs, my tendency towards snacking, my sense of humor, and my will to live."

Discover AUS! This is where I live, work, and studied.

I love this series: how Western media would cover Baltimore if it were a foreign country. [HT Crys]

You need to know that some kindred spirit uploaded the entire Anne of Green Gables (+ Avonlea) movie to YouTube.

Those guys from Buzzfeed tried on pregnancy bellies for a day to see what it was like. I died a little inside when the doctor said women gain 25-30 pounds during pregnancy, though. Um.

My friend's husband wrote a book about improving our relationships with technology!

The movie trailer that spoils everything, from Studio C.

As soon as you have 14 minutes to spare, sit down and watch the heck out of this mini-documentary about the most insane amusement park ever. DO IT. IT IS CRAZY.


Glenda said...

My favorite part of that pregnancy thing when I watched it was when the producer said, "Um your dick is hanging out." because the guy couldn't see to know that he wasn't dressed all the way. Second was the guy in jumper and heels because that is what his mother wore who tried to go the bathroom and was then just like forget it...except if he was really pregnant there is no forget it right :)

Bridget said...

This means that two of the links this week include the word dick. Sorry everyone.

Crys said...

Well I was entertained...:). So my girls and I are watching Ann of Green gables. They love it, but Jason keeps walking in and saying, "why is she so mean.". " That girl is so rude.". "She is stuck up. Can't she tell that guy loves her.". I keep yelling at him to hush it but he is driving me crazy because he is so right. Why does she make herself so miserable with Gilbert. It is agonizing...which I guess is the point.

Anna said...

Chris and I just watched the whole Action Park video. Oh my goodness. We were dying laughing.

Sarah Cook said...

That pregnancy suit video was hilarious! The action park video sounds like something Jeremy, Scott, and Dave would have LOVED. And I'm sure there would have been injuries!

Bridget said...

Anna, Jeremy and I can't stop talking about the 360-loop slide. Like, how does that even work? What if you get stuck and don't go all the way through the loop? Do you just crawl back up? Except the operators are 13-year-olds so they just send the next kid down??

Definitely the kind of place that is tons of fun if, by some lucky star, you don't end up maimed.

Crys said...

I've been thinking about the slide all week as well...pretty sure you just get to the top of the loop and fall, bang on the bottom and then get pushed out by the water....yikes! Drunk 13 year olds ;)


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