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I grew up in Portland, Oregon and have loved the Pacific Northwest for as long as I can remember. That may be why I found it very hard to adjust to Tucson, what with all the sun, and also why I felt so at home in Ithaca, what with all the gloom and rain. I've also lived in Provo, Kyoto, Moscow, American Fork, Damascus, Amman, Middlebury, and Cairo. I graduated in 2001 with a BA in Linguistics and a minor in Japanese from the BYU. I also studied German there, which is how I met Jeremy.

I started blogging in January 2005 when we were living in Damascus, Syria. You can read more about that here. My original blog was called My Adventures in Syria. When we lived in Jordan, I made a new blog called My Adventures in Jordan. I still hadn't learned my lesson when I started blogging out of Tucson in 2006 and created yet another new blog called My Adventures in Tucson. Since then, I've kept the same URL but have changed the title to reflect wherever I happen to be. It's just easier that way.

In September 2010 I broke away from the "My Adventures in..." mold and named this blog Bridget of Arabia instead. Just cuz.

Why were you in Russia?
Jeremy got a short-term ("TDY" for those who know the lingo) job at the US Embassy as a Russian Linguist/Consular Assistant. I held a few jobs for the year we were there - English tutor, editor of the embassy newsletter, and editor of a Russian research institute's encyclopedia.

Why were you in Syria?
Jeremy was a Fulbright Scholar for 2004-2005 in Damascus. He studied Arabic in a private program at the University of Damascus. I worked at Amideast teaching English to awesome Syrian teenagers.

Why were you in Jordan?
Which time? In the summer of 2006, Jeremy was the assistant director of the BYU's study abroad program in Amman. In the summer of 2007, he was the director of the BYU program and also the director of a separate but similar NMELRC program. In 2007, I worked at Amideast's Amman office, teaching English to young professionals.

Why were you in Tucson?
Jeremy got his PhD in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching from the University of Arizona. I worked from home editing the dictionary (seriously!).

Why were you in Middlebury?
Jeremy was a teacher in the Arabic School for the summer of 2008. Our youngest daughter Magdalena was born there. That was the last year the Arabic School was held in Middlebury. Now it is located in Oakland, California.

What brought you to Ithaca?
Jeremy was a lecturer in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University. Man, was it ever hard to leave that place.

Where are you now?
Now we're in Sharjah, UAE, just up the street from Dubai. Jeremy is an assistant professor at the American University here. I don't edit the dictionary anymore, but I do edit the thesaurus on occasion and I am also an ACTFL OPIc rater for English. In February 2011, I started a Master's program in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at AUS.


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